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Welcome to my links page - hopefully you'll find something of interest to you here.


Special Project Site: The ProNet Micro Heli's World Tour!

The ProNet World Tour Home Site Would you believe that a tiny little Micro Eheli is making a World Tour? Well it is! Visit Dana's great site for pictures, videos, and info as this tiny scratch-built hybrid microheli makes its way around the globe. Right now you can see it bidding a tearful goodbye to Victoria BC, strutting its stuff on Hollywood's walk of fame, and even getting cute and cosy with the girls, at the largest Hooters bar in the world! (it has to be Texas right?). Yeah I know it's hard to believe, so go have a look for yourself. The journey has hardly begun and next stop is Washington DC. Will the ProNet get to the White House? Stay tuned and find out!

The ProNet World Tour RCGroups Discussion The official discussion site for the ProNet World Tour. Drop in there and see if the well travelled MicroHeli is coming to YOUR town.


My Reference Sites: These are sites that I have visited while reseaching my helis, (and I just keep going back to them!).

An On-line Museum of the Helicopter War in Southeast Asia This is the on-line Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association Museum. It is full of imagery, and memorabilia, and is a facinating tribute to the men and machines that fought the Vietnam War. Hundreds of units are represented, and the number of contributions is astounding. A Brilliant site well worth visiting again and again.

Charlie Troop Website Another amazing site. Very much in the same class as the VHPAM site above, this site is specific to Troop C, First Squadron, Ninth Cavalry Regiment, First Cavalry Division (Airmobile). With hundreds of photos, memories, documents, links, historical information, humour, and sadness, the site gives tribute, dedication, and insight into the brave men of Charlie Troop 1/9.

U.S. ARMY TACOM - ROCK ISLAND For 'pure' US Army Helicopter reference information, this site would have to be one of the best (and best hidden!) in the world. I stumbled on it by chance, and have virtually lived on the site for quite a while! It doesn't look much from where I have linked you in, but just click on one of those links, say this one and look at the wealth of information that is presented. If you have even a passing interest in US Army Helos and their weapon systems, then go have look. You'll be pleased you did.


Ikarus Piccolo Support/Discussion Sites: Places to go, to talk about, and get help with your Piccolo Microheli.

The Ikarus Piccolo BBS OK if you own or are thinking of owning an Ikarus Piccolo Micro Heli, then just go here OK? :) This has to be the largest, busiest, best supported, most friendly, most helpful support BBS of ANY model helicopter ANYWHERE in the world. From 6 year veterans to brand new newbies, everyone gets along, and everyone has something to contribute. Just go there ok? :)

Paul Goelz Piccolo Site Paul is a Piccolo GURU. His website is a starting point for all Piccolo Pilots whatever their level and whatever their problem. The hints, tips, troubleshooting info, are all brilliant. Whether or not you have an issue with your Piccolo, visit Paul's site. You are bound to find some unexpected gem.


New Zealand RC and Heli Sites: - The home of the Electric Flight SIG of the NZMAA, with links, news and events information for Electric flight enthusiasts from all over New Zealand

LittleRotors.Com Not only is one of the best RC Heli sites in New Zealand, I think it's one of the best in the World! A great site bursting with news, reviews, information, a buy/sell and just about anything else you can think of! Go there - now! :)

MicroHelis New Zealand A general interest site for anyone interested in building and flying micro helis.

Christchurch MicroHelis My local flying group.  Dedicated to micro helis and located in Christchurch, New Zealand. Helis flown include the the Ikarus Piccolo, MS Hornet, Century Hummingbird and Hybrids.