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Piccornet UH-1 Huey Attack Helicopter

Piccolo UH-1 Huey (Civilian Version)

New Zealand Piccolo Warbirds

Piccolo OH-13 Sioux Scout

Piccornet OH-58A Kiowa Scout

Piccornet AH1-S Cobra Gunship

The Piccornet in Pictures

Piccornet Construction Details

Click on the pictures to see them in full size.

Photography Credits:

Many thanks to my good friend Rob Ramsey for taking the time to take and prepare many of these photos for me.

The Piccornet
Bell 'Huey' UH-1

Attack Helicopter

(Armed Military Version)


The Concept:

I'd been wanting to add a Vietnam Era Huey to my fleet for a long time. So in February 2004, I purchased the Ikarus UH-1 body kit.

Initally the machine was built up as stock standard with FUN mechanics, as a stock review item.  (See the Piccolo UH-1 Huey page for details on that machine).

After I had completed that mission, the bird was returned to the workshop for a full re-work.

First up, I stripped out all the FUN Piccolo gear, and went about modifying a Piccornet set-up to fit.  This involved some changes in both the Piccornet side, and the Ikarus Body, to accomodate the Hornet CCPM setup.

Having done that, I then added the minor scale details (pitot, antennae, door handles etc.) prior to a re-spray in good old olive drab.

After the re-spray (thanks Rob!) I then built and fitted the weapons systems.  The final touch was the cration and application of the various graphics to give the machine the right look.

The machines first outing was not auspicious, on the final flight of the night, my ESC decided to shutdown in flight, resulting in a nasty crash, with the tailboom ending up in several pieces.  I've since re-built, and am now working on an alternative motive source.

This machine is very much a work in progess, with one of the lates editions being a change to Hornet II rotor blades, which with their longer length, and paralell chord give a very nice scale look to the rotors (no photos yet sorry).

This page will be updated as new pics, and changes in configuration occur.

Model Specifications:

240g Unladen 310g AUW
540mm LOA (720mm LOA inc. Rotor Disks)
550mm Rotor Dia.
3-cell ETech 1200 Hi Discharge Li-Poly power pack
8/100t Main Motor Gear Ratio
2000 RPM Main Rotor Headspeed
~20 Mins Flying Time per charge


Modified Ikarus ECO Piccolo Main Frame
Modified Ikarus UH-1 Huey Fuselage
MS Hornet CCPM CP Assembly
Alu CP Connecting Rods
Alu Stabiliser Anti-rotation Arm
"Long-Arm" 120 Degree Alu Swashplate with ARS
Custom S/S mainshaft by Walt
2.5mm Low Profile dual setscrew mainshaft collar
110t Maingear with integrated one-way bearing
8t Hard Chrome Brass Pinion
MS Hornet II Symetrical CP Main Rotor Blades
Std. Ikarus ECO Piccolo Tail G/Box and Tail Rotor

Motors and Electronics:

CSM-200 MicroHeli Gyro
3 x GWS Pico Servos
Modified Ikarus 6-channel 72Mhz Rx
Hacker B20-31S Brushless Motor
Phoenix 10 Brushless ESC
Piccolo PRO Tail Motor
Schulze Slim-105He Tail ESC
Polarised Micro Deans Connectors used throughout
Futaba 8UHPS Tx
3-cell ETech 1200mAh Li-Poly battery packs
Orbit Microlader 6 Charger

Click on the pictures to see them in full size.