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This page contains a diary of the changes and additions to this site.


Latest News:

2/11/03: Minor update to Links Page.  Minor updates to the homepage.

26/10/03: Submitted the site to 30+ search engines and web directories

10/10/03:  We've moved to a new home! Full site re-write to follow........

24/8/03: OK, a few more changes. I'm modifying the layout a bit.

New Home Page Layout with "Feature" Page links - no 'News' on home page any more.
'News' now has it's own seperate page and link.
Added dimensional specs to both the Sioux and Kiowa pages


Old news:

22/8/03: Sorry about the slow update, but it's a major! I've just completed a total re-write. I have removed the frames, as I suddenly realised what a pain they are for everyone. I've also tried to rearrange things so that the site is a bit more friendly to 1024x768 (and above) users. 800x600 is still pretty ugly, but it's about as good as I can get it in a picture rich environment :). Please let me know what you think of the changes.


12/8/03: Added a links page. Have a look at some of the sites that I visit on a regular basis.


10/8/03: Great news! Thanks to John Conway of, and Bill Brooks I have been given permission to display some of their pictures here.
Have a look at the OH-58A Kiowa Page to see a pic of the actual slick that inspired the noseart on my Kiowa, and a pic of an OH-6A Loach from the same unit. Added a Guestbook.


9/8/03: OH-58A Kiowa Page - flying pics added and some finishing done.
NZ Piccolo Warbirds Page completed.
OH-13 Sioux page completed.

Still to do: Finish the specs for the Kiowa and Sioux pages . Both machines are in pieces at the moment!


8/8/03: I'm currently working on finishing the OH-58A page with flying pictures. I have three new pages under construction - the Piccolo OH-13 Sioux Scout page, New Zealand Piccolo Warbirds page, and a humorus photo series called "A funny thing happend...". I hope to have these finished this weekend.


10/7/03: Two updates in two months - WOW! :). Ok the bad news is that the Piccornet Cobra is dead. It gave its all in a valiant attempt to track down a radio glitch, and is now just a pile of ripped card and foam-board. The GOOD news is that the Piccornet has again risen phoenix-like from the ashes. This time in the guise of an OH-58A Kiowa Scout from the Vietnam war era. You can see and read all about on the new Piccornet OH-58A Kiowa page


25/5/03: Well it's been over a year(!) so time for a small update. The Piccornet has become an AH1-S Cobra Gunship! I've added a new page here with a couple of Pics and specs of the heli in its latest guise...


09/05/02: I just realised I have made this site in 1280x1024 and it looked real bad in lower resolutions.I've now made some changes to font sizes etc. to try and get a resonable 'look' in 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024. Please let me know if it looks OK or not.


09/05/02: Cleaned up the Pics section a bit and started on the consturction section


30/4/02: Added a few more photos and added captions.


28/4/02: Threw this together very quickly so that I could get the pictures of the Piccornet on-line.

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