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Piccornet UH-1 Huey Attack Helicopter

Piccolo UH-1 Huey (Civilian Version)

New Zealand Piccolo Warbirds

Piccolo OH-13 Sioux Scout

Piccornet OH-58A Kiowa Scout

Piccornet AH1-S Cobra Gunship

The Piccornet in Pictures

Piccornet Construction Details

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Photography Credits:

Many thanks to my good friend Rob Ramsey for taking the time to take and prepare many of these photos for me.


The Piccolo Bell UH-1


(Civilian Version)


The Concept:

This one is a little different....

I purchased a FUN Piccolo for spare parts in February 2004, and ended up building it up temporarily as a stock standard review unit.

I also had in stock an Ikarus Bell Huey UH-1 body, which it was my intention to convert into a Vietnam Era Huey Attack ship.

So I got to thinking that it might not be a bad idea to combine the FUN pic with the Bell UH-1.  The idea was to use totally stock Ikarus components and building totally as per instructions. This would provide the basis of another stock standard review.

The aircraft pictured on this page is the result of those efforts.  I think the result turned out to be one of my better efforts.

The heli was built completely stock using the Fun Piccolo and the contents of the Ikaru UH-1 Kit.  I used the G-310 motor, supplied in the Huey kit.  The only variation from standard was that I flew the machine on a 2x1200 E-Tec Li-poly pack,

I must say that there were a couple of surprises in store for me on the completion of the project. 

One was the weight. Incredibly (it seemed to me) the addition og the Ikarus UH-1 body added just FIVE grams to the weight of the stock standard FUN Piccolo!  I was VERY impressed.

The other shock was that the machine flew 'off the drawing board'.  I did have a few issues with equipment glitches, but once that was sorted we spooled her up and lifted off.  The flight characteristics were excellent (for a fixed-pitch Piccolo) and the big body seemed to smooth things out nicely.

As an aircraft, this one actually only lasted one week.  It was built soley to test, and review, a totally stock setup. I built it and then flew it for just this one flying session.

After that, it was back into the workshop for full milspec conversion and modificattion.

But that, as they say, is another story......

Model Specifications:

Fixed Pitch rotor system.
540mm LOA (690mm LOA inc. Rotor Disks)
520mm Rotor Dia.
2-cell E-Tech 1200 Li-Ion power pack
8/96t Main Motor Gear Ratio
~1200 RPM Main Rotor Headspeed
~25 Mins Flying Time per charge


Ikarus FUN Piccolo mechanics
Ikaurus Bell UH-1 Huey body kit
Ikarus FUN Piccolo FP Rotor head
Ikarus Piccolo std 96t Maingear
10t Pinion
Std. Ikarus FUN Piccolo Tail G/Box and Tail Rotor

Motors and Electronics:

Ikarus PicoBoard
2 x GWS Pico Servos
Ikarus 4 channel 72Mhz Rx modified to 6 channel
Ikarus G-310 'Tuning" Motor (supplied in Bell Kit)
Std. FUN Piccolo Tail Motor
Polarised Micro Deans Connectors used throughout
Futaba 8UHPS Tx
2-cell E-Tec 1200 Li-Ion battery packs
Orbit Microlader 6 Charger

Click on the pictures to see them in full size